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"North By Northwest" (1959)

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Hiroshima Mon Amour | 1959

top 5 favorites of all time

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Visually stunning movies Atonement

Cinematography by Seamus McGarvey

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Eric Rohmer, The Collector, 1967.

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Oldboy (2003)

Jean-Pierre Léaud at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival for 400 Blows

@3:30 he describes how his viewing of cinema changed and why he goes to see films now, it’s a very simplistic version of how my own love of cinema grew into something much more than “viewing for fun”.



‘Note Drawings’ Photo Series Turns City Skylines Into Musical Notation

Japanese artist Koshi Kawachi has created a interesting series of work that combines photography and music to create an experience, rather than only an aesthetic. Titled Note Drawing the series transposes the silhouettes of city skylines into musical notation. It’s with these notations Kawachi then turns these cityscapes into actual music, which then accompanies the individual pieces.

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mister lonely. harmony korine (2007)

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Sometimes I just feel like I’m fighting for a life I just ain’t got time to live. And I want it to mean something.

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Ingmar Bergman — ca. 1936.

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l was only curious to know how it started.

Now l know.

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