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Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Towards the end of Dallas Buyers Club, Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) returns to the Mexican hospital where he first received medications to effectively help him battle his HIV. Shortly after Ron and the doctor discuss a new possible treatment evolving from caterpillars Ron wanders into a back room full of monarch butterflies. Simultaneously back in Texas, his business partner, fellow HIV sufferer, and possibly the best friend Ron has ever had is succumbing to the aggressive disease. Rayon (played with perfection by Jared Leto) is a transgendered woman who never did get the sex change she wanted. Watching Ron among those possibly life-saving butterflies, as his best friend undergoes the ultimate cocoon transformation leaving her poor frail body behind, is the best kind of cinematic metaphor. (x)

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Undone (The Sweater Song) - Mac Demarco on AV Undercover

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what. this is great. 

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Cause we both know I’ll never be your lover.

Well I have brittle bones it seems
I bite my tongue and torch my dreams
Have a little voice to speak with
And a mind of thoughts and secrecy

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films watched in 2014 - [2]: Paris, Texas (1984)

"Then he ran. He never looked back at the fire. He just ran. He ran until the sun came up and he couldn’t run any further. And when the sun went down, he ran again. For five days he ran like this until every sign of man had disappeared."

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Jeanne Moreau in Elevator to the Gallows (Louis Malle, 1958)  [Original title: Ascenseur pour l’echafaud]

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Wrote a paper on this film. Watched it over 13 times. I finished the paper after 5 viewings. I have since downloaded the soundtrack and use it when I’m writing. That’s how hardcore I love this film.

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“ you are always my beautiful wild flower of the hedges, my dark-blue rain-drenched flower ”


Jame Joyce, Letter to Nora (via budddha)

I want to be someone’s dark blue rain drenched flower

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Things I could do at any time: read anything written by James Joyce.

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