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Never leave home without your trusty hightops. #converse #6yearsold

A Birdbath juice from City Bakery. Day made. (at City Bakery)

Listen Up Phillip Q & A with Alex Ross Perry and Jason Schwartzman at BAM (at BAMcinématek)

War Propaganda #gtrain #politicalcommentary #fury

An Aki Kaurismaki Film

Aki Kaurismaki:

Le Havre (2011)

A Man Without A Past (2002)

Tree of Life (Dir. Terrence Malick, 2011)

Spindly #nature & #needles

VideoArt Presents: the video art and experimental film festival. #videoart #experimentalcinema (at Tribeca Cinemas)



With all the heat Anita Sarkeesian gets for her Tropes series, you’d think it was a new topic, but Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert had a discussion on a similar theme when they were talking about the influx of slasher movies on their show in 1980.


I can’t believe this post made it to my dash with this valuable commentary deleted. This is the entire reason that this show came up in the first place. Here’s the Polygon article that broached the subject. It’s incredibly relevant to entertainment media of all kinds today.

Part 1 was already linked by the OP, but here’s part 2 of the show for convenience. (x)

(via ohthatsloverly)

Buzzcocks - What Do I Get

Easy Rider screener in my room. #easyrider #screenings #borntobewild

Reading outdoors on a beautiful Sunday. #books #sunday

Well this shit’s cool. #nyartbookfair

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